Settled down in Brittany since 1988-1989, Saint Gregoire Private Hospital results from the merger of three clinics: the Saint Vincent private hospital, the Polyclinic Volney and the Maternity of Bréquigny.



In 1358, a priest established a first establishment called Saint Yves’s Hötel Dieu. It was dedicated to needy and sick patients and stays there until 1858.


In 1858, the Hôtel-Dieu is reconstructed in the North of the City. For 650 years the Hôtel Dieu delivered medical researches and charity for the sick and the outcasts


The Sainte Anne Clinic

1896 The sisters assisted of Doctor DAYOT, professor of at the School of Medicine, open in Rennes the Saint-Anne private hospital. The private hospital assures a service of medicine and surgery then quickly specializes in particular orthopaedic surgery

1914 1918

The private hospital is transformed into military hospital.


Saint Vincent Clinic

In 1923, doctor Marquis leaves the Saint - Anne private hospital and establishes another private hoThe Maternity of Brequinyspital with the cooperation of doctors Brault and Chenet.
They create an obstetric private hospital inspired by the best French and foreign clinics, both in the technical point of view and in the point of view of comfort. They adopt the most modern improvements: hot and cold water in all the rooms, the central heating, the multiple electric services, telephones, elevators, showers but especially they equip themselves with two operating rooms with a radiology center and a laboratory for the anatomopathologic and biological researches.


The private hospital opens a maternity


1960 One of the midwives of the private hospital Saint - Anne establishes a maternity under the name of " Private hospital of Cradles”. Its existence is short-lived, whereas in 1977 "saint-Anne" joins to the creation of an obstetric and paediatric center in Brequiny.


The private hospital is sold to the doctors and becomes the Polyclinic Volney.


"Saint Vincent" and "Volney" (former saint-Anne) merge together


1996 Merger of these two last ones with "Bréquigny” to create a single establishment: the CHP Saint Grégoire